Streamlined, objective and actionable workforce skills assessment.

Evaluate individual and team performance as it happens.
Generate instant reports on skill proficiency.
Uncover enterprise workforce insights. 

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Tablet view of SkillGrader assessment in process
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Evaluate any skill-based activity, without bias.

Easily assess individuals and teams. Incorporate objective assessment into any demonstration of employee skill including on-the-job performance, training, simulation exercises, drills, and more.

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Save time and resources with a more efficient process.

Turn your current paper-based assessments into structured, task-specific digital forms; reducing the need for expert assessors. Efficiently record actions while skills are performed. Instant reporting removes time spent on data entry and analysis, and supports more informed debrief sessions.

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SkillGrader Screenshot - After assessment debrief report
SkillGrader Screenshot - After assessment debrief report

Simplify the process

Turn your current paper-based assessments into structured, customized, task-specific digital forms. Quickly record actions as skills are performed. Instant reporting reduces cost and effort, and enables immediate debrief and coaching opportunities.

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SkillGrader Screenshot - Day view of dashboard

Use metrics to support workforce development goals.

Gain insight on compliance, competency gaps, skill fade, and procedural drift. Measure worker proficiency for precision-targeted training. Give senior management visibility into performance trends and risks.

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SkillGrader for your industry

Mariner using a tablet on a ship at sea

SkillGrader helps operators objectively measure seafarer performance to support improved outcomes, efficiency, and safety. It improves the assessment of simulation exercises, training, onboard drills, and on-the-job performance anywhere on the vessel:  on the deck, on the bridge, in the engine room, and more.

Objectively assess the technical competencies of your crew to inform training needs and to ensure compliance. 

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Woman wearing food safety PPE and using a tablet while walking in a factory

Keep consumers safe, prevent recalls, and produce food and beverage products to a specified quality. SkillGrader can help companies capture unbiased, consistent data on employee performance.

Ensure your employees have the necessary competencies to carry out their duties and continuously improve operations.

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Pilot looking back in a cockpit

Minimize flight risks in the air and on the runway with optimized pilot and crew proficiency assessments.

SkillGrader can help airlines easily capture consistent data and unlock actionable insights on crew performance.

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Firefighter holding a helmet

Evaluate team performance during any observable procedure such as routine drills, table-top exercises, incident response drills or full-scale integrated exercises.

Identify top performers, skill fade, and competency gaps to better understand your team and target training.

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Girl using tablet

SkillGrader is made for organizations that care about the skill of their workers or trainees. If the skill is observable, then SkillGrader can measure and track trainee or worker performance to verify training effectiveness, and to support improved outcomes, efficiency, standardization and safety.

From training institutions to resource and hospitality sectors, SkillGrader helps organizations protect their brand, ensure company procedures are followed, and maintain standards.

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See how SkillGrader can help you capture objective, actionable data on individual and team performance.

Tablet and desktop view of SkillGrader