SkillGrader for Emergency response

Optimizing performance evaluations for emergency services and first responders

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Ensure the safety of your team and maintain protocols.

Emergency responders conduct routine drills and exercises to maintain competency and prevent skill fade. SkillGrader gives instructors the ability to efficiently assess any fast-paced situation and receive instant feedback to support debriefs.

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digitize assessments and streamline the process

Quickly record and measure first responder performance  through a tablet. Forms are completely customized to accurately reflect unique exercises and situations.

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understand team proficiency and ensure protocols

Deeply understand skill proficiency and emergency preparedness with objective, detailed and weighted assessments.

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Optimize re-training and support debriefs

Use immediate reports to identify strength and weaknesses across individuals and teams. Target re-training to skill gaps and compare results across time for continuous improvement.

See how SkillGrader can help you capture objective, actionable data on individual and team performance.

Tablet and desktop view of SkillGrader