SkillGrader for maritime

Streamlined, objective and actionable assessment for officer and crew skills.

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Reduce assessment subjectivity and analyze officer skill proficiency for targeted training.

Initially developed for the skill-based nature of the maritime industry, SkillGrader cuts down on administrative overhead and helps operators accurately evaluate crew performance to support improved training outcomes, efficiency, and safety.

Assess simulation exercises, drills, training, and on-the-job performance anywhere on the vessel - on the deck, on the bridge, in the engine room, and more.

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Objectively measure any skill-based activity

Efficiently assess individuals and teams in fast-paced scenarios. SkillGrader automates the grading of skills and frees assessors from making subjective judgements.

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Streamline the assessment process

Turn your current paper-based assessments into structured, customized, task-specific forms. Instant reporting reduces cost and effort, and enables immediate debrief and coaching opportunities.

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Use Actionable metrics to target training

Measure crew proficiency for precision-targeted training. Gain insight on compliance, competency gaps, skill fade, and procedural drift. Give senior management visibility into performance trends and risks.

See how SkillGrader can help you capture objective, actionable data on individual and team performance.

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