SkillGrader for Food and beverage

Efficiently and objectively evaluate your employees on critical food safety, quality and compliance activities.

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Protect your customers and your brand.

To keep consumers safe, prevent recalls, and produce food products to a specified quality, companies need to ensure their employees have the necessary competencies to carry out their duties. SkillGrader helps food and beverage companies capture unbiased and consistent data on employee performance.

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Assess any employee skill or competency

Easily evaluate on-the-job performance and employee adherence to standard procedures or protocols, even when you're offline. SkillGrader helps organizations monitor preventative controls.

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Standards and target training

Turn current paper-based assessments into structured, standardized, task-specific forms that reflect company best practices. Develop objective criteria that correctly identifies competent employees, and target training to those who need intervention.

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retain institutional knowledge and skills

Document institutional knowledge and skills that that come from your top performers. SkillGrader helps organizations create a system that ensures critical skills are retained within your organization, regardless of who's employed.

See how SkillGrader can help you capture objective, actionable data on individual and team performance.

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