SkillGrader for aviation

Optimize pilot and crew assessments

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Minimize flight risks in the air and on the runway.

Reduce administrative overhead with automatic performance grading and instant debrief reports. SkillGrader helps airlines accurately evaluate pilot and crew performance to support improved training outcomes, efficiency, and safety.

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codify airline best practices

Turn your current paper-based assessments into structured, customized, task-specific forms. Configure score algorithms and weightings to show the difference between competency and mastery.

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Streamline the assessment process

Efficiently assess pilots and crew in fast-paced scenarios. SkillGrader automates the grading of skills and instant reporting takes away the need for data entry and processing.

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support debriefs and compliance

Immediate reports enable more informed debrief and coaching sessions. On-demand dashboards enable organization-wide compliance and gives management visibility into performance trends and risks.